Our Work: Necker Island

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Using reliable and well-proven technology is a prerequisite in such a remote location. The integrated audio and video control system used in the master bedroom and kitchen was the CP2E from Crestron. The CP2E is a compact ethernet control system ideal for this size of the project, with numerous built-in COM and IR/Serial ports amongst others. In the grand cathedral ceiling Temple room the Crestron DIN-AP2 was installed because of its smaller form factor. Important features in each room were the Remote Technologies RTI T2-C wand style handheld remote devices, chosen because of the need for very simple and intuitive control, long battery life and reliable performance. For in-wall audio control, they used ‘back-lit’ elegantly crafted Crestron Cameo Keypads.

For convenience, a Sonance in-wall iPod dock was used as the primary audio source for music. With Sir Richards’ wish to enjoy but not see the technology around him all of the speakers were hidden in-wall or under the floor and placed in discreet out of sight locations. To withstand the harsh Caribbean climate James 3” solid teak enclosed speakers were used in all zones combined with an underground subwoofer in both the master bedroom and kitchen and 2 subwoofers in the Temple room. Three Aquasonic underwater speakers were installed in the swimming pool to enjoy music or events on television.

Every room has a Kaleidescape movie player with a 3U server located 1,200 feet away in the main house. The system has an intuitive onscreen interface, which was an essential part of the brief. In the master bedroom a Toshiba HD 42” LED television (TV) was fitted with a custom made Electro-Kinetics mechanical lift. Controlled through the RTI T2-C wand, the television rises out of its cabinet and can be swiveled by remote control to the ideal viewing position all at the touch of a button.

Now left to enjoy his new technology Sir Richard’s only comment has been to state; "This is absurdly good!"

Technical Specification

Panamax MB1000 AVR UPS Delivers power solutions from typical power fluctuations and temporary power outages, to dangerous over voltages or a total system blackout. MB1000
Crestron CP2E A compact ethernet control system designed for small to medium sized residential and commercial control applications. CP2E
Crestron DIN-AP2 A 2-Series control processor designed for small to medium-sized lighting and automation applications. DIN-AP2
Cameo Keypads Stylish and extremely versatile, provide a unique approach to finger touch control of audio and video devices, thermostats, lighting and shades. Cameo
Crestron HDMI 8x1 Video Switch This switching and interface solution simplify complex AV challenges, including high definition digital media, and bring to life the highest quality audio/video experience. HDMI
Crestron C2N-VEQ4 Audio Control Module Provides a simple solution for adding professional quality volume control, equalization, and signal routing to any Crestron 2-Series control system. C2N-VEQ4
Cisco Catalyst 3560-12PC Data Switch Line of fixed-configuration, enterprise-class switches that include IEEE 802.3af and Cisco pre-standard Power over Ethernet (PoE) functionality. Catalyst
Remote Technologies TRI T2-C remote device With a full-color TFT LCD display and innovative three-way rocker switch for scrolling list navigation, the T2-C is a robust commercial quality control system . TRI T2-C
Sonance in-wall iPod dock In-wall docking station for the Apple iPod. Ideal for a local connection to audio amplifier and video display devices. iPod
James Loudspeaker Teak Series Solid teak enclosures handcrafted to withstand the outdoor weather conditions with 3” woofers and 1” neodymium soft dome tweeters. James
Clark Synthesis AQ339 Aquasonic A full-frequency, full-fidelity underwater speaker-enabling swimmers to enjoy listening to music below the water's surface. AQ339
Kaleidescape Movie Player Organizes and visually catalogs Blu-ray Discs, DVDs and CDs in high definition. Kaleidescape
Toshiba HD LED televisions Brilliant 1080P full HD images, dynamic sharpness and natural images driven by the 14-bit processor that serves up over 4,000 levels of gradation. Toshiba
Electro-Kinetics mechanical lift Custom designed television lift with power swivel, out of its cabinet, all controlled by handheld wireless remote control. Electro-Kinetics
SunBrite 55” LCD TV All weather outdoor 55” full HD 1080p LCD screen with 120 Hz frame rate integrated into an all-weather exterior that protects the internal components. SunBrite
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